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Rum Is Fun ( Who Knew??)

And not unjustly considered the most special person in the world to talk to you about rum. Londoner Jamaican origin, Ian Burrell is the mastermind behind the largest rum festival in the world, the famous Rum Fest in London! Restless world spins constantly revealing the secrets of the Caribbean spirit. While maintaining its own Caribbean style shop, unique Cotton Rum bar & restaurant in London with over 300 kinds of rum.

What is the Rum Fest?
Everything about the rum! You can try some five hundred different brands of rum. We also have cocktail master classes and seminars. Master blenders and distillers who talk about how they make their rum. We historians about the history of the cocktail with rum brand ambassadors and matching rum and chocolate. We have chefs cook with rum, music, dancing, contests, cocktail, even gifts like vacation in the Caribbean! Well it is important to try the rum in its natural environment! Rum means fun.

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