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Antarctica Trip. Day 1

Everything was running good. Too good. After a great 13 hour flight on British Airways, (rum & cokes, kir royalles, Beef dinner, cheese & port; I was intrigued when an announcement was made when we landed in Buenos Aires. “Will a Mr Burrell please make himself known to the ground staff.” I was thinking VIP treatment. maybe a welcoming committee for The Rum Ambassador. But alas, it was to bring me the shocking news that 2 of my 3 bags had not traveled with me.  And i would not get them until the following day…Maybe….Aargh! This might not have been so bad if i were staying in Buenos Aires, but the time was 8.30am. i had a connecting flight to Ushuaia (google it) at 14.25pm from another airport. This meant they would not be able to get my bag on another flight from London until the following day…Aargh.  Which bag was I left with. which bag could I do without ? Bag no.1 had all my winter clothes, my walking boots, waterproofs , penguin cocktail shaker and most importantly my 6 bottles of Pusser’s Rum. bag no.2 had my plastic glasses, my extra Coco Re’al coconut purée and 2 tiki mugs and the last bag was my pop up rum-shack.

ian burrel antarctica trip_2

Once I got to the luggage belt I discovered that bag No.1 had arrived. So at least I didn’t have to skin a penguin for clothes, had clean underwear and more importantly…I had RUM.  but I didn’t have my mobile rum shack? This was the point of coming to Antarctica, to do what no man, woman or international ambassador had done before. Set a bar up on the most elusive continent in the world. But there is normally always some good news with bad .

This is how the conversation went with the BA rep

The bad news

We’ve forgotten to put your luggage on the plane

The good news

But it will be here tomorrow

The bad news ( me)

I won’t be in Buenos Aires tomorrow, I’ll be in The south of Argentina

The good news

We’ll deliver it to your hotel in the afternoon

The bad news

I’m setting off on a ship to Antarctica sometime during the afternoon

The good news

Our plane should arrive at about the time you’re about to sail, so we can drop it straight from the plane to your ship. Trust us, we’ve done this before.

The bad news

He said “we’ve done this before”

The good news

BA gave me £150 to buy emergency clothes and they saved me £100 in excess luggage fees for which I would have had to had paid the local airline to carry my rum shack and 3rd bag to Ushuaia.

My only worry now  is if they don’t make it to the ship in time with my rum shack. I may have build an ice bar instead!

So after being reassured that my bags were somewhere in limbo on their way to rejoin me, I left Pistarini airport to catch my internal flight to Ushuaia.  After a quick 3 and half hours,  I had arrived in the most southernmost city in the world (sorry Puerto Williams, you’re a town).

My hotel, El Viejo Lobo de Mar, was perfect. A nice simple apartment,that was a home from home after 24 hours of travelling. It also helped with my Spanish as almost nothing was written in English.

So before I went to bed I double checked the bag: Rum, penguin shaker, tiki mug, Jamaican tiki shirt,boots, warm weather clothes, Angostura bitters, hip flask, socks, gloves and extra rum. All I need now is the fruit, spices AND THE REST OF MY LUGGAGE. But we’ll see tomorrow. Fingers crossed.



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