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Calling All Rum Boffins: The Excitement For Rum Experience University Grows

As the kiddies go back to school rum lovers are gearing up for education of a more grown-up kind. Let’s hear it for the first ever Rum Experience University. Forget rowdy pupils and frazzled teachers who would rather be somewhere, anywhere else, everyone who has signed up for this one is in it for spiritual enlightenment.

It’s a cracking course. Five days of rum-tastic goodness based in sunny Spain. “People have asked why Spain and not the Caribbean,” says Ian Burrell, Global Rum Ambassador and the man we have to thank for getting the Rum Experience University off the ground.

“There are a couple of reasons. The first is cost: it would be a much bigger ask getting people to pay for flights to the West Indies or Latin America, and the second reason is because we’re basing it in Motril in Andalusia which has a very similar terrain to the Caribbean,” he continues.

“Historically the area was the capital of the sugar cane which went directly to the Caribbean,” he says. Add the fact that there’s a distillery nearby and the Museum of Sugar Cane is within 15-minutes of where we’ll be based – it’s actually the perfect location.”

The way it will work is this: read the rest here

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