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The Long Awaited Rum Experience University Is Finally Underway!!

Mr Ian Rum-Ambassador Burrell is now jammy enough to be located in sunny Spain, kicking off the first ever Rum Experience University for those lucky smart enough to have booked a space. For those wishing they had booked a place, you will now have to put up with the torture of how amazingly awesome everything is in his status updates via facebook, twitter and here of course.

Here’s what’s happened so far from Ian:  Now I know what Tom Hanks felt like in that movie. I’ve been here for 8 hours meeting and greeting the students & teachers for the Rum Experience University from Hong Kong, Barbados, New Orleans, London, Italy, Mexico, Germany, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Birmingham, Bristol, Newcastle and Spain.

“Some people were asking why I held The Rum Experience Uni in the south of Spain instead of the Caribbean. Well, as I look out the window of the lounge at Gatwick Airport I see grey clouds, pending rain, and it’s chilly…but in approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes, i’ll be in 29 degrees sunshine, looking at the Mediterranean and sipping on a rum & coke…The Tropical Coast of Europe in less than 3 hours from London. What do you think?”

Sounds like a great idea to me! Were you thinking about going to The Rum Experience University, what do you think of the idea? Drop your comments below.

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