$1,200 Rum To Be The New Sipping Whiskey??

Well could this new rum be setting the trend for whiskey drinkers?

Whiskey is enjoying quite the renaissance among global drinkers these days, with U.S. distillers exporting $1 billion worth of the brown stuff for the first time ever last year.
With that kind of success, naturally other spirits want in on the action too.

That includes rum, not something Americans tend to sip neat or even on the rocks.

Brugal wants to change that with Papa Andres, its new $1,200-a-bottle premium rum.

Rum drinkers know Brugal well, especially those who have been to the Dominican Republic, where the brand has 80% of the market, and ordering “rum” at a bar will automatically get you a glass full of Brugal.

But with Papa Andres, Brugal is trying to infiltrate the premium spirits market, and they’re only releasing 500 bottles this year.

The Edrington Group, which has owned Brugal since 2008, knows how to introduce high-end spirits to consumers. Their Macallan products are big-time favorites among monied scotch drinkers.

But Brugal? Isn’t that for cocktails and cruise ships? It’s hard to picture the …read the rest here

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