Is Caribbean Rum Is The New Cognac??

There was a time when rum was rotgut. Blackbeard the pirate liked to mix his cane alcohol with gunpowder and light it. Rum and croak.

Fast forward a few centuries to rum respectability – specifically, to Rob Burr’s patio deck in Coral Gables.

From the waterfall pond to the tiki bar, it sets a mood not for swilling rum but for tasting it. Not the way spring-breakers chug Captain Morgan but the way cognac drinkers sip Napoleon. Not with Coke (or gunpowder) but neat, in a snifter.

Burr, his wife Robin and their son Rob Jr. are one of the most expert teams of rum aficionados in South Florida – and their house is a virtual repository of the stuff. Says Burr Sr., “There are probably a thousand or 1,200 rums sitting around here.”

The Burrs appraise all of it, pouring their notes into the authoritative Rob’s Rum Guide. That in turn helps set the stage for the annual Miami Rum Renaissance Festival, or Miami Rum Fest, which they’ll host this weekend at the Doubletree Hotel near Miami International Airport…read more here



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