Rum Bars

As part of my new web page, launching this year, I thought it would be exciting to compile a directory for all the great rum bars around the world. So if you were travelling toAthens, for example, you would know where to get a decent Daiquiri, a perfect Pina Colada, a memorable Mai Tai or just be able to sip and savour your favourite r(h)um. But the tricky part would be how to define a “Great Rum Bar?” Is it a bar that makes great rum cocktails? Is it a bar that stocks multiple brands of rum? Is a bar that has a rum theme, i.e Tiki,Caribbeanor Pirate? Personally my ideal rum bar should have one important factor. It should be fun, welcoming and have a back bar focused on my favourite spirit. (Well maybe that’s three important factors.)

The staff should have a decent knowledge of the rums that they stock and should be able to recommend a rum drink for the most expert of rum aficionado to the rum novice that may pass through their doors. I would also expect there to be at least 50 rums on offer, and I don’t mean 50 different flavours of spiced or flavoured rums. The style of rums that should be on offer are English, Spanish, French, Brazilian, An over proofed high strength, a 100% pot stilled rum, a several island blend and an ultra-premium rum that can compete (in packaging) with premium vodka’s. And that is just the WHITE RUMS. In the gold rum category I would stock

a Jamaican, a Guyanese, a French style, a Spanish style, a sweeter Central or south American rum (for after dinner), a Demerara rum, a Navy rum

And one very expensive rum just to let my customers know that the rums are not only for mixing with coke. So that’s 16 rums for starters. Not a bad selection for a basic bar, although some of my favourite bars around the world stock at least 80 different rums on their shelves. These bars are a testament to the creators’ passion and love of rum as a spirit that is more than just an offering to quench ones thirst, but a spirit that is a lifestyle of the past, present and of the future…..

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