The UK RumFest...The world’s biggest rum gathering. Figures from CGA Strategy suggest the value of rum sold in the UK on-trade reached £423 million in the year to March 19, up 8% on the previous year. Driving the growth was golden rum, which was said to have seen a 24% uplift in the value of sales and a 19% rise in volume sold in the UK on-trade in the year to March 19. Why not reach this audience on the rums most respected player in the game, the original and number one global rum Ambassador Ian Burrell of the UK’s and worlds biggest event The Rumfest Experience.

The Rum Ambassador Ian Burrell says:

I have dedicated my life to the promotion of RUM, through my exhibitions, events, seminars, cocktail trainings, books, enthusiasm, passion and bribery. One drink, one person, one bar at a time. and its true place on top of the spirit ladder

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